super highway information seniors

super highway information-seniors

The ultimate way to make uninitiated learn or exhaust technology is to demystify and decode it. And that’s what expertise enormous Google has completed in its ‘returned to faculty’ programm for senior residents through entertaining analogies from popular lifestyles.

Pattern some:

Information superhighway is like a top quality kitchen knife. Everybody is comfortable with the use of it in the kitchen. But being careless, you can injure your hands or fingers by slicing them.

“There is nothing to fear about the cyber web or going online for information, features. Just assume simple precautions and cyber web becomes your buddy.

Getting over our fears:

It is just getting over inhibitions and start adapting it with the aid of taking some precautions, the informed the senior citizens ,became college Google celebrated its basis

We all are cautious of our assets in the physical world with the aid of preserving them under lock and key. Lengthen identical precautions to the digital world through security precautions like powerful passwords, now not giving away sensitive data  like credit card, checking account numbers without checking credentials of people or sites, is the norm.

The Super Highway:


The superhighway could be harnessed to entry organized tips, on-line capabilities, from booking go back and forth tickets, ordering food, online searching to paying or transferring cash.

5 to 10 years from now, each provider may be online and so gain knowledge of it and be secure. Google is using the mission to make every entry web and in a safe method.

Questions poured on how now not to fall prey to online scams, how to offer protection to tips stored in vivid telephones or drugs from falling into faulty arms and how to be cautious of fraudulent websites and the way to be certain children accessed creditable content.

A lot of suggestions have been shared by Experts on featuring amazing passwords, the way to find misplaced or misplaced mobile phone, via points like ‘find my phone’, using two-step verification via OTP sent to at least one’s telephone, not to acknowledge to suspicious mails or messages.
Clicking doubtful sites and giving very own assistance might also result in phishing, send assistance over comfy connections indicated through google chrome.

All the time download Apps from relied on sources like google play, Microsoft, Apple shop.

At all times investigate Google to locate rumors and pretend messages dispatched through hail media like Whatsapp, Facebook and judge web sites with good scores to do on-line shopping.

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