Valentus MLM Healthy Weight Management Review Legit-or scam?


Valentus MLM Healthy Weight Management Review Legit-or scam?

The company Valentus was started by Dave Jordan. Valentus is a great company to get into, however those who decide to pursue it need to remember the best technique to be a success is to introduce their products to people you know your warm market and to people that are searching for them. I was a distributor for Valentus in 2016 and I did like the products.

1.Prevail Slimroast

2.Prevail Immune Boost

3.Prevail Trim

Prevail Energy

The Good

  • Natural products:Valentus products contain only four grams of sugar, are all-natural, and are free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Valentus claims that its product line helps increase mental focus and alertness and elevates overall mood.


  • Travel sizes:The company’s nutraceutical products come in easy-to-carry travel packs and can be purchased in individual boxes or as a complete set.
  • Business tools:Upon signing up, Valentus offers its distributors a sponsor, business tools, and step-by-step training to help them get their new business off the ground.
  • Commissions:Distributors have the ability to receive 25 percent commissions on product sales, as well as several other financial incentives.
  • Lead generation system:The founder of Valentus uses his contact list, which he has developed over time as a successful eBay seller, to produce qualified sales leads and share them with distributors. No other multi-level marketing companies are known to provide this type of system for their distributors.

The Bad

  • High upfront costs:The cost to join Valentus as an independent distributor is between $59.95 and $499.95, depending on which product pack is purchased. The company also charges a one-time $20 activation fee, but there is no annual renewal fee.
  • Newer company:Founded in 2014, Valentus is new to the multi-level marketing industry and has yet to prove itself as a reliable, financially stable company.
  • Qualifications:Valentus distributors must maintain a 50 BV minimum each month in order to qualify for commissions. Additionally, only distributors who purchase product packs higher than the Ruby level receive access to the lead generation system.
  • No Sales and Marketing Training:does not provide its distributors with advanced sales and marketing training. New distributors without backgrounds in these areas may want to pursue additional training on their own 

I   The Bottom Line:

I was attracted to the product line and believe that the products are good.The reason I am no longer I distributor is that I was on my own.No help from anyone.The compensation plan was misleading saying that if you didn’t upgrade I would lose all of the people who sign up after me.If upgraded I would have those people in my downline.I upgraded and my downline disappeared!

Valentus products are good.There compensation plan is a ripoff.It is not for those who have no experience in Mutileveled Marketing!

Valentus is a legitimate company which sells the “Prevail” product line and provides a viable business opportunity.

If you are interested to join the business, you have to try the products for at least a month to determine if the products work for you.

If you can’t convince yourself that the products work, how can you convince others, right?
Do your due diligence and ask your team members if they have a plan to get new prospects from the internet. Never join a team who still uses the same old prospect sourcing tactic.

What are your thoughts on Valentus Legit or Scam?


If you think that the Valentus business is not right for you, but you still want to learn how to make money online from the comfort of your home, then you need to check out this company.




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  1. Hi, I like to learn more about especially quite new Companies like that.
    To have a real chance in an MLM one needs to be one of the first.
    Too bad, that you have to share your bad experience with this company and don’t really recommend it.
    I’ll check out Wealthy Affiliate and see what that is all about.

  2. Hi John, thanks for sharing your experiences of Valentus. It’s a shame you didn’t get the helped you needed and you were told that you would lose your downline if you didn’t upgrade.

    It sounds like a classic MLM scheme to stay away from. I tend to stay away from anything offering a “compensation plan” due to my past experiences with programs offering this plan.

    Thanks again for sharing, Wealthy Affiliate looks like a better option.

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