Break The Barrier of Being Conditioned for Failure:

Break the barrier of being conditioned for failure

Failure: The Pathway to Success

Failure and success are polar opposites.”

Appropriate? Isn’t this how most of us think? Disasters, we reason, are painted black whereas successes are painted white. They’re two different paths.

Success, I agree with, by no means occurs devoid of passing through the direction of failure. Lucille Ball became noted for I Love Lucy sit com, she flunked from drama school for being too collected and shy.

Albert Einstein did poorly in high school and failed his first school entrance examination.

Henry Ford went broke 5 times before attaining success.

Clint Eastwood once told by  images executive that his future as an actor no longer was promising. The person said“you have a chip in your tooth, your Adam’s apple stands out too far, and your speak too slowly”

How about you ? The question isn’t if we will fail… we all have.The problem is to determine the failure, learn from it and act on it. Are you able to that? Do you do that? If we are able to stop viewing our screw ups as opportunities, I’m sure that we may be in a position to act someday and understand that we need these screw ups to guide us, drive us to re-prioritize our values, assess our strengths and move ahead.

Laying the groundwork

Not all screw ups turn into better alternatives. Why? it’s quite feasible that they put all of their eggs into the basket of profession. We’d do better to plant success in a couple of areas of our lives – think “diversification”. here are some examples:


No time management is more crucial than time along with your better half. Be intentional by setting out collectively time on your schedules. Plan and remember dates. Say, “I like and love you my darling!


When individuals damage you, permit yourself to use the emotions as a substitute for internalizing them. Be quick to ask for forgiveness and anxious to supply forgiveness


Personal Finance


Create a plan that will give you peace of mind and financial security.

Spiritual increase consume time every day in prayer and Bible reading. Conserving an in depth relationship with the Maker of the Universe.will maintain failures of their suitable viewpoint.

Say opportunity instead of failure

Don’t be afraid of another failure

Fear of failure will paralyze you. However realizing that failure is a passageway to success will squelch that concern and encourage you to try once more.

The psychology behind success and failure

Need a little inspiration? Here list of things to encourage success. I’ll just share with you three:

1.“Success isn’t remaining; failure isn’t deadly: it is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston S. Churchill

2.“It’s more desirable to fail in originality than to be successful in imitation.” — Herman Melville

3.“The highway to success and the highway to failure are practically the same.” — Colin R. Davis

Do you see anything these have in common?

All three contain success and failure. There’s a reason behind this, and it’s the important thing at the root of the psychology of success and failure.

They coped with failure

It turns out that failure is one in all humanity’s optimum strengths, and for this reason isn’t the opposite of success, however definitely a key component in meeting our desires. This has been proven by way of evolutionary scientists corresponding to Charles Darwin, who is credited with saying, “it is not the strongest of the species that survives. It’s the one it’s most adaptable to, change.

Altering and adapting are just what people have completed over centuries of living. For instance, we realized early on that we’re too vulnerable to hunt as individuals — our  bodies are too fragile — so we adapted by means of looking in corporations, which advanced into ever more complex communities, the use of our collective expertise which have resulted in not simply our ability to continue to exist, but also thrive.

Toddlers gain knowledge of this same mechanism. We’re born helpless, however steadily learn the way to convey what we need so caregivers bear in mind what we want. Through trial and error — by way of making blunders and failing once in a while — this eventually helps us to walk, speak, and grow into an adult.

Briefly, even though it seems counter-intuitive, we are designed to turn weakness into our most fulfilling source of power!

Key elements in the back of success

The best information is that the key characteristics needed for achievement — growth mind-set, grit, and psychological flexibility — may also be cultivated.

Boom approach

How we view and control failure helps domesticate success in our lives, and that starts with having a better attitude. A growth approach means that we accept as true with, difficult work and effort we can grow and gain knowledge of, even within the face of failure. Its  skill we accept as true with mastery is viable if we keep trying, keep taking chances, and work towards enhancing. Failure is not an everlasting condition.

Once we agree  that with our mindset, we interpret failure as facts for the inability of ability, and we cease attempting, after we accept as true that our skills will also be stretched with learning growth mindset.We understand disasters as alternatives for studying and we contemplate failures as a way to stretch our advantage.



To be able to stretch our competencies, we next want grit, a mixture of passion and determination . Having grit,relentlessly pursuing dreams and not enabling setbacks to discourage progress. It’s more than ability, greater than smarts, it’s a tradition of consistently learning.

“Grit is having stamina,” stated professor and TED speaker Angela Duckworth. “Grit is sticking with your future day in, day out, no longer only for the week, now not just for the month, but for years, and working truly hard to make that future a reality.

Psychological flexibility

To think ahead with a boom mindset and grit, the remaining ingredient is psychological flexibility, or the potential to adapt behavior to a normally changing world and the changing wants we discover ourselves dealing with.

“Having psychological flexibility lets people think outside of the field and be creative when confronted with a drawback,” says Lee.

With these key characteristics we are able to learn to harness failure as a tool to flow ahead and persevere to be successful, but we probably can’t be a hit by means of trying to do that on my own.

Don’t go it by myself

Just like humans’ adaptive means to work collectively,as a neighborhood ,whereas looking to prevent hazard, it’s essential for our success to attain what we want it. People aren’t constructed to be solitary, lone creatures. We want connection and support from different people  on our worst days and even more for our best day.


At the end of the day, there’s no reason to be frightened of failure. Basically, it’s a very important piece for success itself.


Briefly, even though it seems counter-intuitive, we are designed to turn weakness into our most fulfilling source of strength. It’s through our failures that we learn how we should adapt and grow with a view to be a hit, no matter if that success is discovering our next meal or launching a complex business venture.



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  17. I enjoyed reading your article. I guess it all depends on how you define things. I regard ‘failure’ as something final, as when you accept defeat and give up totally. It’s not something I accept unless I really have no other option.  Anything on the way to failure I like to simply regard as “Pauses”,times for reflection, learning and realignment before moving on. 

    I see these ‘pauses’ as temporary setbacks like stepping stones across a river. The only time I don’t make it to the other side is if I decide to get stuck on one of those stepping stones rather than moving on.

    I think the greatest issue for people as they age is that if they have given up totally too many times in the past,  they become fearful of ever trying again because of the fear of repeating the same outcome. Now that is a  dangerous barrier that should be avoided or transcended at all costs, otherwise you may end up living your later years in fear instead of making the most of the opportunities that continue exist for all of us. 

  18. Im not quite 62 years old but I wont lie that the world we are living in is a difficult place.  The most important thing is no matter what my wife and I will never give up on anything in life.

    We have made mistakes and continue to make small mistakes but we continue to learn and continue to move forward.

    I like to think that we have learned from all our failures.

    This is a really in depth article and it was great reading it.


    1. Thanks Dale for your comment that really reflected the principles that I had in mind in writing  the article

  19. All day long, I’ve been thinking about the saying that our weaknesses can be turned to our strengths.  And as I started reading your article, that thought came back and then you stated the same thing in your last paragraph.  It was nice to see that what I’d been pondering all day really was something that is true.  It’s not counter-intuitive.  Life gives us trials NOT to tear us down but to give us experiences to make us stronger 🙂  

    I absolutely agree with you in what you’ve shared.  

    I didn’t know that about Einstein or Eastwood.  Thank you so much for sharing these things.  It gives me great encouragement to learn this.  

    Thank you!!

    1. Thank you Kaye for the comments and if makes me feel good when people can take life lessons from what I write

  20. Wonderful article  it is true that it comes down to prespective and mind set. We are all conditioned from early on well before retirement for failure. Yet we all possess the ability to completly change our mind set and start setting ourselves up for success. Simple steps even can get us to our goal of reconditioning our minds for success.  

  21. Hi, a great post you share here.

    First only quick, I think to recognize a Phuket beach on your top image 🙂 Nice choice, I live in Thailand as an early retired.

    I think too, failure is part of growing, nobody is perfect and the best we can do is to learn from our mistakes.

    Life changes almost have to come with failures. If one wants to avoid them 100% one has to keep doing the same thing all the life. But is this not a failure of living it’s self?

    I think life is about dreaming and following these dreams. Inevitably we have to change our habits in order to fulfill our dreams, at least most of us do.

    This leads to new trials, some are failure but this doesn’t matter if we love what we do and see the reason why we do it.

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