Baby Boomers Pay Attention Con Artists Are On The Loose

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Baby Boomers Pay Attention Con Artists Are On The Loose.

Look out for those can’t miss sure fire investments that you can’t pass over.

If a proposal sounds too good to be real, it is. Unfortunately, retirees all too are often drawn into such investments, only to discover that which you have just given up your money, under no circumstances matches what was promised. Even worse, as an alternative of riches, some retirees might become unwitting individuals in a Ponzi scheme that leaves them devastated.


Don’t fall for “pump and dump” schemes.

Any words demanding your immediate action the make investments or you miss out on it would find its way into your digital spam bin.

Referred the as “pump and dump” schemes by the SEC, fraudsters will try the increase the expense of an inventory withmisleading statements about the enterprise. Once the inventory expense has been pumped up, “pump and dump” schemesters will profit from it at your cost with the aid of promoting their own holdings of the inventory, dumping shares into the bazaar. They win you lose

A healthy dose of skepticism in no way hurts.

If somebody is pressuring you, or insisting that you should act now otherwise you’ll fail the spot some incredible profit,alarms should go off.

The best quality defense the get-wealthy-brief schemes designed the position aging baby boomers and aged retirees the poorhouse is a powerful offense–steer clear of them at all costs.

Guidance that aid child boomers, give protection the retirement investments from fraud

It may take a long time to shop the amount of cash you want for a happy and relaxed retirement.

It takes lots much less time — probably just minutes — for con artists the choose you of that protection.

In the event you’ve reached retirement, your aim should still be to protect what you’ve saved since it should afford you the relaxation of your lifestyles.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of scams out there that separate people from their money — and infrequently especially older people.

In case, you’re a baby boomer who’s currently retired or will soon retire, you should be aware of such schemes. In case your older folks are nonetheless around, they can be inclined, too, so you’ll want to give protection to them as well.

There are a variety of things to be cautious of, but just a couple of them, be on the lookout:

1. Beware of “can’t miss” investments. perhaps you’ve heard radio classified ads or online ads with appetizing claims about “can’t omit” investments as a way the provide you with marvelous allotment. Be skeptical, actual agnostic.

2. Make certain your fiscal expert is an accountant. It’s a good idea the get help from an expert if want to increase your money. However, appropriately crucial, you make certain that person is a knowledgeable accountant and registered the be allotting the guidance the’re supplying you with. The balance and exchange fee aspects out you can check a financial expert’s background through its database.

3. Beware of “pump and dump” schemes. Let’s say an e-mail ancestor into your inbox touting a superb inventory chance, however insisting you deserve the movement at once or you’ll omit out. You may well be the goal of a “pump and dump” scheme.

You should definitely always take time to weigh monetary decisions, mainly because they might affect your retirement. You wish to protect that money in any way you can.”

Datapac has discovered that millennial 17% have been most frequently victims of a phishing attack in comparison the 6% of Gen X and 7% of baby Boomers.

The survey discovered that 14% of Irish office people – about 185,0002 individuals – have fallen victim to phishing scam at some time.

Phishing is a tactic used by cybercriminals which comprises sending emails that seem to come back from specific sources, that motivate users to show personal information, similar the cyberbanking details or sensitive enterprise data, which is then acclimated fraudulently. Phishing can have a tremendous impact on the sufferer and their business with hackers accepting a ballast into the company data base. This may cause a breach of client facts, the lack of private enterprise counsel, and could leave organizations prone to fines under GDPR.

The survey allegation revealed giant ameliorations in phishing recognition among diverse age corporations. Millennial aged 23-41 had been found the most assured age group of their means that become aware of an email rip-off – simply 14% mentioned the have been now not confident the may become aware of a fraudulent phishing electronic mail. This rises the 17% for era X age-old 42-53 and the just over one-quarter 26% for child boomers age-old fifty-four and over.

Against, the allegation also exhibit that more than twice as many millennial 17% have fallen victim to the phishing rip-off than individuals of generation X 6% or child boomers 7%.


On the other end of the spectrum, chief personnel are also constantly the center of attention of hackers with practically half 48% of generation X and 36% of baby boomers revealing that the have got been centered with the aid of a phishing attack.

Some 44% of child boomers accepted the clicking on a link or attachment in an e-mail from a sender the didn’t know – significantly greater than millennial 34% and era X 26%. This brash internet observation puts each person and companies at a much improved risk of experiencing a data break in by phishing.

The survey also explored the ad measurement which administration provided.IT security and recognition work towards the body of workers. Less than 20% of people mentioned bought such training. A further 20% spoke of them received training yearly.

Phishing isn’t just an issue for the IT branch to resolve, however is an organizational subject. Operational and HR teams hold a vital position in creating a tradition of consciousness. Under GDPR, establishments are answerable to position in place satisfactory safeguards for customer facts, this a key company concern. Person consciousness practicing should still be offered on an advancing foundation in the equal way as other must-have worker practicing corresponding fitness & protection.

On the net training delivered at an induction level, doesn’t board lengthy-standing and chief employees, who, as the analysis indicates, are in most want of protection refresher classes. Expertise can play an important part in addressing phishing in a price-effective manner by means of educating and checking out all conclusion clients through automatic attack simulations and continued interactive safety cognizance working towards. A chain is as strong as its weakest link and, as assaults turn more familiar, businesses must make every effort to educate all employees on the true possibility of phishing.”

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  25. This is a very instructive article about awareness for baby boomers. My parents are baby boomers, therefore I am concerned of their financial well-being and education. Unfortunately, not every one of them know how to detect and avoid these scams. I might as well  use your article for education purposes. Anyway, keep on dropping that good content.

    1. Thank you Jean I am glad to help.That is why am I in this particular niche.A lot of seniors feel neglected. I let them know that they are not!

  26. Thank you John for sharing with us ¨Baby Boomers Pay Attention Con Artists are On The-Loose¨. As a baby boomer myself, I read with great interest the ¨pump and dump schemes¨ ranging from ¨can´t miss¨ investments to phishing.But there is also a more recent phenomena:  the ¨online romance scam¨ that we should be aware. Unsurprisingly age is a factor. Not only are older victims more likely to lose larger sums of money, there´s evidence that our ability to detect deception declines with age. The power of the romance-scam – its ability to operate undetected and to beguile its victims into a kind of partnership –  lies here, in the gulf between what the victim believes and what is actually happening. Online- dating boom has fueled an invisible epidemic. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints about impostor ploys such as the romance scam more than doubled between 2014 and 2015. The FBI says that Americans lost some $82 million to online-dating fraud just the last six months of 2016. And that figure is probably low, because many victims never report the crime – or even tell their closest friends and family members that it occurred.

    1. Thank you so much for that information Enrique!I knew about that scam but did not know the scope. I will broaden my research to target this terrible scam.

  27. Thank you for sharing information about con-artists to baby boomers.

    Nowadays there are so many con-artists trying to take money from seniors. They will ask you to invest money in some business which will makes lots of money. When you give them your money, they never appear again!

    There should be more ways to educate seniors, so their will not fall into the traps of con-artists and lost their savings.

    1. Thanks Christine I too am a victim and that is my passion to keep other seniors from being scammed. Not a good feeling to have money taken from you under to guise of legality but underneath crooked!

  28. Hey John,

    Wow 185,0002 individuals got tricked by phishing scams and that’s only the office people percentage from Ireland, I can only imagine how many the numbers would be like for the whole world. It’s a terrible thing to be scammed, I too got scammed multiple times and as for email phishing, I was a victim 3 times already because those emails can look so legitimate you won’t know the difference. 

    I got so paranoid that any emails that I receive afterwards which ask for a password change, I would send it to the real company instead, for example, Apple to verify whether the email is true or not. I think we all need to be extra wary when anyone we don’t know asks about our confidential information.

  29. Hello and thank you for your thorough article. I almost got scammed once and It happened online. It was regarding a product that offered “cleansing from toxins” and major benefits for your health. What I first noticed was the website that looked like a landing page. And guess what, it actually was.

    There was no other data provided on the website except for so called “doctor’s report” that showed how the results came to be. It was clear that this was template.

    After checking reviews it turned out that they were actually just providing regular juice that had nothing overly healthy in them. They just put the stickers over the bottle basically and the ingriedients are just like in any other juice.

    You are doing a good job by helping others stay away from scams. Thank you, was really informative.


  30. They sound like they are panicking like someone called the cops on them, they actually deserve that. thanks to all the reviews about online scams,  people are fully aware of lots of the scam programs online and are now more cautious more than ever before. They also have other viable options which have been brought to their knowledge.say no to online scams.

  31. Thanks for sharing this info , great post . My elderly neighbor  narrowly escaped becoming a victim of  a Phishing scam recently . She is 85 and has some computer knowledge , while enough to check her email and do some online banking. Luckily she stopped what she was doing as she felt somewhat unsure about the site she was directed to after clicking a link in her email . Please continue to spread the word to bring awareness to  Phishing tactics.

  32. I’m still in the military and my superiors had someone come in to talk about phishing. As part of their presentation they showed the results of a made-up phishing scam as part of their security test. It’s amazing how many people fall for it, no matter what age. It’s just seniors are getting senile (I hope that isn’t offensive!) and they need the extra guidance from their children.

    Education is key, and everyone benefits if everyone contributes to it.

  33. Thanks for the heads up, though i know little or nothin about baby boomer and con artist, this article is sure what everyone needs both the old ones who are retired but not tired and the young ones getting to the retirement stage because i know exactly how it does feel to loose all you have worked to a ponzi scheme that does not match what was promised. It does indeed encourage us to investigate about a business before putting our money and time into it.

    1. Thanks Seun for your comments. I will always write articles that reflect the love I have for those who could get scammed.

  34. I am not a senior yet but the fact they should be protected from scammers who are  out their to take all their hard earned money.its good to let them know that scammers are getting better by the day make very nice promises on how the will double or triple your money within six months straight so you left to wonder why aren’t they billioners.

    1. Thanks Charles for your comments and I think that the reason they are not rich is that scammers usually end up in prison.

  35. It is amazing how many different schemes and scams there are. I have heard of scams where they pretend to be the IRS telling you you owe money for taxes. There are others where they pretend to be a local utiity company and threaten to shut down your utilities if you don’t pay. There are others where they claim your grandkid is in the hospital and need money for treatment. 

    There are no end to the ways people will try to get our money and it pays to be very skeptical if it sounds fishy! We need to trust our instincts! Seniors can be especially prone to these scams if they are not familiar with new technology and the internet.

  36. What a wonderful post, I am sure many will also find it very helpful and thoughtful, there are a lot of schemes out there trying to deprive people of their hard earned money. Glad that you provided this honest review and people should be more cautious with their investment rather than throwing it up in some pyramid or get rich quick scheme which in reality has nothing to offer. 

    1. Thanks Clement for your opinion.Seniors are easy targets because a lot of them retired with a small pension and social security and are looking to make what they didn’t make while working.

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