Fear of Growing Older

Fear Of Growing Older!
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Fear of Growing Older

is a real fear paralyzing many as they approach the point in their life when they also think that they are worthless. They try to talk to their family members what is ailing them and they tell them to just get over it. They say that those who feel that way are just being silly. But there is a real fear of getting older.

NO ONE really wants to get old. True, we may want the experience and wisdom that can come from living many years; but we do not want the severe limitations that old age may bring to the body and mind. Nor do we want what follows—death. If we had our choice, likely we would combine the wisdom of age with the vitality of youth. That is what Ponce de León had in mind when seeking the “Fountain of Youth” in Florida centuries ago.

People are led to believe that when they retire they will live happily ever after, but there is very little done to prepare people for the reality of retirement—and often it’s a disaster.”

Thus the thought of old age brings with it a conflict of images. There is the one image of lost youth, declining strength, and finally the possibility of a lonely death. The other image is that of having achieved something in life and getting respect and honor.

This conflict was noted in an editorial by Daniel Calahan of the Institute of Society, Ethnics and the Life Sciences when he passed the age of 46. He stated:

“To one who recently reached the advanced age of forty-six, the rapidly approaching prospect of old age is both entrancing and terrorizing.

“My children will be grown, my life will once again be my own. That is entrancing.

“But I am not altogether reassured by some of the elderly people I see around me, who spend a good deal of their extra leisure visiting hospitals, going to the funerals of old friends, and restlessly looking for something to do with idle time. . . .

“Many of the elderly are in nursing homes, those cunning institutions created to make certain that the elderly are not under foot around the house. The prospect that I might end my days in one of those places—staring at walls or everblaring television sets—terrifies me, but only slightly more than the prospect of aging itself.”



I’ve heard how boring old individuals are, how they don’t like trade or don’t cause any social upheavals or anything else.

I don’t want to grow to be an old person in front of the T.V. bad-humored and hating anything else new, never getting excited about anything, now not having any friends or any pursuits that I haven’t accomplished a thousand times before. basically, I’m simply abashed that I’ll turn out to be like a run of the mill zombie as soon as I deplorable my thirties. Like an inside demise. Every little thing that I’m enthusiastic about, new music, human rights, art, even my actual ardor will simply fade away. The thing That I lament about will not be the times that I are living, however I’ll be taking a look at my past, and wondering why things have been so more advantageous again then, and why every little thing is so tainted now.


I’d basically dwelling the leisure of my lifestyles within the adumbration of what I did in the many years of my lifestyles.



The horrifying thing is that it is assured, that no remember what I do, youngsters difficult I try, it’s still not going to do anything, I can’t cease it. the odds are stacked up in opposition t me, bigger than Mt. Everest. I’m nonetheless activity to end up like that, as a result of curiously science and association have predestined that. Like age may remove the rest from me, my legs, my eyes, even my memory, no longer that need them long past, nonetheless it could be enhanced then putting off my actual character.

I would do the rest to prevent that. And I suppose that perhaps the most effective option to outrun my depressing, inevitable fate before it catches up with me, is to annihilate myself while I’m nonetheless young. From India

in case you raised your hand and answered “sure” to the question, you’re now not by myself. definitely, you’re among abounding who’re doing all they could to hang on to the fountain of early life.

Gerontophobia” is the fear of aging.

This explains why many People are fighting enamel and attach to decelerate or cut the signals of getting old: Botox, design bark, anti-getting older creams, moisturizers, quite a few dermatological methods. Identify it, they’ve doubtless tried it to fight off wrinkles, frown traces, eye luggage. Skin care products are scorching objects. Despite how costly they are people nevertheless buy them. In spite of everything, they come in resplendent and brightly colored jars promising “achievement” in a canteen or jar of chrism – achievement that they will not develop quick.

Absolutely, advancing age carries with it the discomforts of Arthritis, blackout, squeaky bones, annealed joints, to mention just a few. But on the other hand, with age comes wisdom, hindsight and the precious gem stones of instructions realized. From time to time, we encounter setbacks, screw ups, disappointments and heartaches. Only a few go through lifestyles’s adventure on a smooth, beeline route. However, for every setback, combat and abortion we learn our personal combating innovations that result in winning in existence. We in some ways discover a method to pick.

We should be trained to accept and embody the cycle of lifestyles, peculiarly the current date of life we’re in. Now’s the time to deal with ourselves, undertaking the mind and physique, grow in our spiritual life, eat a healthy, counterbalanced eating regimen, get satisfactory relaxation and maintain hydrated. Particularly, we should face our fears, gain knowledge of to absolve, overlook and eliminate acrimony and acerbity. We should travel mild and bung out the emotional baggage we’ve been accustomed for ages.

Further, we ought to live our very own mission and advocacy, something it is we cling pricey. Isn’t it extra moneymaking to live no longer only for ourselves however to accomplish a change within the lives of others?

Getting older is a gift not bestowed on many. Let us be thankful for having lived an abounding and blessed existence.

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