Elder Abuse Is Still In The Dark

Elderly Home Resident

Elder Abuse Is Still In The Dark

The corruption of adults over the age of 60 takes distinct kinds in Puerto Rico, continually disguised as silence: six out of seven circumstances go unreported.

Pain, disappointment, and disgrace are among the motives for elder abuse to be greatly understated.

Some victims of elder abuse are ashamed to tell any individual that a loved one –including babies and grandchildren- is the abuser.

And this occurs in eight out of ten situations reported, in line with information provided by AARP American Association of Retired individuals.

It’s more difficult that the abuse comes from a loved one. As a result seniors are ashamed to say it or it’s tricky to accuse their grownup children or grandchildren,” stated the day gone by Jose Acarón, director of AARP Puerto Rico. “It would not just happen in opposition to folks that are susceptible, like bedridden people. Elder abuse can even be in opposition to individuals 60 years old who’re in abounding intellectual and physical capability because it is a corruption of trust.

In line with data from complaints filed with the workplace of the Ombudsman for the elderly, between October 2017 and September 2018, best instances involve negligence 35.9 % and physical abuse 29.3 %.

According to the U.S. census agency group analysis, in 2017, 21.8 % of Puerto Rico´s population changed into sixty two or older. In 2010, it was17 %, representing an increase of 4.8%.

Puerto Rico is the third leading country for elders living in the region, followed by Canada and Cuba. The island’s economic circumstance, along with an exodus of young people and stereotypes in our society that the elderly are an accountability and not an amiable asset, all this results in physical and affecting abuse, physical abuse and abandonment,” stated the administrator of AARP on the island.

Physical abuse

For Acarón,elder physical abuse is on the increase. “There are people getting them out of the elder affliction facilities and having them as domestic, no longer because they are looking to take care of them, but to get their social security checks, and others are removed so that they can use them to get reverse mortgages to split the funds,” he pointed out.

Zoimé Álvarez Rubio, Vice Chairman of the Puerto Rico cyberbanking affiliation, described physical abuse when someone “uses the money, property, or materials of an elder or disabled person for personal profit”

She added that this may pick the type of fraud, abstraction of funds, falsification of files and data, coercion, switch of possession or blocking access to an elder´s assets.

Economic abuse can additionally occur, by means of mobile, web or e-mail, in response to Eric I. Bastille, administrator of the Miami department of the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC), which has jurisdiction over Puerto Rico.

Now and then, individuals use their debit or credit card to withdraw funds from their accounts lacking of their allowance, stated Acarón.

Abusers may prey on seniors don´t car, pointed out Rosa Emilia Rodríguez, U.S. legal professional for Puerto Rico. She recounted the case of José Andrés Colón Santos, who in 2018 was sentenced in Federal court to eight years in jail and five years on supervised parole for committing bank fraud on 12 individuals.

“Colón Santos admitted to having illegally enriched himself by using checking accounts and private assistance as well as credit score and debit card numbers and passwords from victims between 69 to 83 years old,” she mentioned. The person searched for the sufferer’s numbers on a phone listing and received very personal information from them by acting like a bank officer.

The workplace of the commissioner of economic institutions lists some warning signs of elder economic abuse including cyberbanking activities inconsistent with the client’s usual habits, unexpected raises in money owed, pattern of bearer tests agent or cash, and signatures on tests or different documents when a senior cannot address or be mindful what she or he signed.

Based on Acarón, however elder abuseinfluences people of any socioeconomic circumstance, like what occurs in instances of abandonment, “economic abuse is extra often among the many populations in a fine economic condition.”

He brought that abandonment is a common kind of elder abuse in Puerto Rico. It also occurs back caregivers or carrier suppliers fail to fulfill the primary needs of older adults, similar to meals, defend, garb or medical affliction.

To be able to lift public awareness in an effort to have extra instances of abuse mentioned, the U.S. lawyer´s workplace, the state branch of amends, the household affairs department, the office of the Ombudsman for the elderly and AARP Puerto Rico launched the day before today a joint crusade referred to as, abuse can not Be unnoticed. Alienation is abuse.”

The campaign seeks to carry attention concerning the abuse of the aged and its various forms

“older individuals accept the right and vigor to make their decisions and live their lives without being apprenticed, minimized, or acclimated for the improvement of others,” concluded Acarón.

Elder abuse as Nursing homes: What can we Do to stop It?

There are countless stories on the evening information about elders actuality abused whereas below the care of nursing domestic team of workers. Among these stories is the one in every of 89-year-ancient Hussein Younes, who changed into living in a nursing home following bowel obstruction surgical procedure in 2015.

As he recovered within the facility, his family unit started seeing unexplained bruises and reductions on his physique. Their answer? They installation a digital camera in his allowance and found that he was actuality slapped and thrown about by way of people who had been there to support him improve. Back the household confronted the power, they launched an announcement that the remedy depicted within the video did not coincide with affliction offered in the facility. As soon as the family saw the corruption, they eliminated him from the ability, but bought an invoice for the time he become there.

Is this the affliction our elders deserve? Think of these individuals in your life, who have formed you into who you are these days. Possibly it’s a grandparent, extremely good-aunt or uncle, or a coach you had as assignment. Elders are throughout and often need additional care as they age. But, did you know that one in every 10 American citizens over the age of 60 was a victim of elder abuse ? Some reviews estimate that very nearly 5 million elders are abused every year and as much as 24.3 % in nursing homes as a minimum of one case of physical abuse while being in their care.

These numbers may also surprise you. However much more so, they should anger you and ask yourself how we can change the course before we move on to the next generation of elder abuse.

The Big Picture

Elder abuse comes in a number of way. Physical abuse occurs when they’re hit, shoved, punched or restrained against their will. They are yelled at or threatened with the aim of keeping apart or shaming the elder. Any vulnerable inhabitants is susceptible to human abuse or unwanted sexual acts. Other elders who live in nursing buildings are neglected and simply do not get hold of the actual and emotional abuse.

You might also now not comprehend what elder corruption appears to be. Most healthcare specialists, believe it’s not part of their job to have to look for the indications of abuse. Academic care providers, akin to nurses are obligatory journalists, which skill is part their responsibility to file any damage. This could make the prevalence of elder abuse in nursing homes and different amenities much more puzzling since the legislation mandates that our seniors are handled well or the abuser should be reprimanded.

Why Does it happen in Nursing Homes?

You may think that elder abuse simply happens in facilities which are of lesser quality. Besides the fact that, it’s important to grasp that it may well take place in any facility, even nice, clean, or how expensive it can be. People residing in nursing homes are more prone to abuse in comparison to those who are living in private homes. Seniors with diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, or those with restricted movement could not be capable of telling others what’s going on or remove themselves from the abuse.

In amenities across the country, nurses and nursing administration are in short supply. Not having satisfactory personnel day after day can put the emotions and nerves of those that may still be caring for our elders. This accelerated stress and under staffing state of affairs can cause situations where people who in no way supposed to abuse someone can strike out in frustration. It could leave elders no longer receiving the care they need as a result of not having enough personnel to handle the demand that this abuse causes.

How do we help?

Nobody wants to believe a person is being abused or neglected. Far too often, we decide to not talk about difficult topics like elder abuse because it’s sad. Listed below are a couple of things we can do to protect those who depend on us:


As a result of Trump who permits corruption of the aged in nursing homes, doesn’t mean we need to agree or sit in the dark. Even if you might be instructing your folks, chums, or your neighborhood, speaking about elder abuse is a brilliant solution to focus on.

Look after Your Elders

Aging is challenging. As people age, they may undergo unhappiness, melancholy, and isolation that can make them more convenient pursuits. Be certain to impress on these your love and hold them vigorous and connected. Isolation can lead to vulnerability.

Expect more From authoritative groups


Nursing hones and other healthcare facilities are thought to be enormously adaptable. Any facility that receives govt support is required to be inspected periodically. Despite the fact, now and then the nursing homes analysis method is filled with corruption and fails to protect the residents.

Some states are fighting back and creating internal strategies to give protection to the elders who are living inside their borders. WalletHub in comparison all 50 states and the district of Columbia are essential indicators of elder abuse and protection. They discovered that Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Nevada have the foremost elder-abuse protections, whereas Wyoming and South Carolina had been on the backside of the list.

Present support

A further manner we can support the reduction elder corruption is to present support to care suppliers. In case, you know a nurse or nursing abettor who works in a long term care facility, confer with them about the issues they see. Tell them how you appreciate the care they provide. A little aid and benevolence go a long way.

Establishing the longer term

As we help the longer term elder, we ought to continue the battle for people that are less fortunate and more vulnerable than us. We have to raise focus, offer aid, for the elders of the USA. Like they took care of us throughout our adolescence, we must look after them. And, as we can possible find ourselves in care facilities in our senior years, positive action now will mean stronger care in the future.

Elder economic abuse worse than expected


Senior citizens can also lose pretty much 25 times more to scammers than what is reported, in keeping with a file by way of Comparitech, a buyer analysis corporation based mostly in the U.K.

As an alternative of the 200,000 instances of elder financial corruption that are mentioned annually to U.S. authorities, the actual number may well be as high as 5 Persons with losses of $27.4 billion in 12 months, not the $1.17 billion it really is officially said, noted Paul Bischoff, researcher and editor of Comparitech, which makes a specialty of consumer issues within the United States, Canada and the UK.

Comparitech used a lot of sources from executive, legislation administration, and growing older organizations too are attempting to get an address on the true charge of financial abuse of the aged. The numbers are vastly under-reported for a few reasons, referred to Bischoff. The analyze highlights the inability of accurate data, and shows the need for extra research, he added.

“Loads of the monetary corruption is perpetrated by family members or individuals the aged believe, because they are afraid to file it; they may be ashamed they got scammed, or they might also not realize it,” Bischoff spoke of.

Julie Schoen, agent director of the National Center on elder corruption, talked about, “elder monetary corruption is the sort of hidden crime. Within families, victims don’t wish to accuse. There’s an immense gap in our equipment when it comes to recording these crimes. We want better analysis.”

AARP noted the variety of monetary abuse situations is a turning out to be problem. “Despicable actors isolate elderly victims so the scammers don’t get caught and then they steal assets of the victims,” said Amy Mix, an attorney with the AARP criminal counsel for the elderly.

Statistics on the real numbers surrounding elder economic abuse range through company, but consultants accede it is a serious problem, it’s debilitating to seniors. A previous file from the Manhattan metropolis department for the growing older and Cornell University performed in 2011 estimated that just one in 23 instances is reported.

Comparitech estimated one in 10 people within the United States over the age of 65 falls victim to elder abuse in the final 12 months. The common accident per case in line with numbers pronounced to state adult protective capabilities companies is $2,415.

“Lots of the fraud at this time is achieved by way of people who are relied on by the aged, however we think mobile scams are going to skyrocket,” Bischoff pointed out. “This turned into an exploratory examine. A lot more assignment has to be carried out. It’s essential to elevate cognizance about the problem and to know just how atrocious it is.”

Companies keep data otherwise or separate statistics in numerous methods. Some do not analyze artifice instances of the age and others don’t separate elder monetary corruption from other types of elder corruption, making it complex to assess the measure of the problem.

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  1. Thank you for bringing awareness to the issue of elder abuse. Too often, as you say, it goes unreported due to shame or guilt – my own grandmother suffered abuse for years before she was willing to tell any of us. I’m thankful for the resources you provide here to help people such as her. Thanks again! 

  2. Hello John, 

    It saddens me to read this news, but I know it is necessary to share these stories and this issue, so I wanted to thank you so much to speak up about a problem that it is not frequently talked about. 

    I wished more people would know about this, but your post is the start of raising awareness about this concerning situation. You did not just wrote about it, but also provided facts and data, which is very important so people can make deeper investigations in all these elder abuse cases. 

    All these victims shouldn’t be hidden in the dark, and informing people will start a bigger movement against the abuse elders suffer at nursing homes or other health facilites. Is there any non profit organization that is trying to fight the ones who are responsible for this?

    I think it is very difficult to reverse this situation sadly, specially if there are corrupt authorities involved in it, but if more people learn about this, protest and ask for a better treatment, maybe it can change a little bit.

    You are doing an amazing job with your website. 



  3. Sadly, I don’t think abuse of the elderly is limited to just one, or even a few countries. I think it is a much wider issue than the world lets on, and I think in a large number of cases, the perpetrator isn’t intentionally being abusive, but makes mistakes out of frustration that has a negative effect on a senior person’s body or mind. At least I hope this is the case, I couldn’t imagine hurting my parents or grandparents intentionally!

    1. Yes Josie this is a tip of the iceberg.There is more than people want to admit.Thanks for your comments.

  4. Hello,

    I found your website very engaging. This topic of elder abuse, is something that we really need to talk more about. People don’t want to come forward out of shame as you said. Taking care of our elders, is something we all are going to have to face at some point. It is so hard to even think about.

    Thank you for sharing this difficult post with us. Great job.


  5. This article strikes a deep chord within me. I turned 73 last week and qualify to being an elder. Fortunately I live in my own home, have a good wife and at the moment not in danger of being abused.

    It was painful to learn about the elder abuse you covered in great detail. Although Puerto Rico was your focus for examples. I am certain that it exists everywhere. The various methods that included physical, mental as well as financial was atrocious. This was a very sad read. 

    As usual President Trump gets into the picture as a powerful man who is perpetuating the conditions where elder abuse     occurs. He has no cause to worry because of his wealth. Sadly, elders who are poor face the worst of it. 

    I was glad you broiught up things that can be done to mitigate this situation. With the older population growing, there          may be hope that through their increasing voting clout, positive changes could occur in the future. 

    I noticed that you pepperd your article with some neat products to sell.Those T shirts really caught my attention. 

    Overall you wrote a relevent article. Thanks for bringing the plight of the elderly to our attention.

    1. Thanks Edwin for your expressions of concern and as one elder to another;Lets  keep these things close to our hearts.

  6. Reading your article broke my heart. What is wrong with people! I come from a culture that you have to respect your elders no matter what. This is why nursing home in my country (Thailand) will never happen since us as a family will take care of each other. Sometimes the grandparents can even look after the grandchildren and teach them values and discipline. I sincerely think that if you can, you should look after your family, that is the best solution. If you cannot, be present and be aware of their environment is also important. Be on top of what is going on with them, do the follow up and visit them more often. I wish we can come with a better solution but I also think that the corruption is hard to break so it is up to just to care for our loved ones and bring justice to them. Thank you for such an informative post, what an inconvenient truth.

    1. Thanks for your very heart felt comments.We recently lost our father who was 91 years old and suffering from dementia that took his life.We never for a moment thought about putting him in a nursing home.He was our responsibility and we took it very seriously.Thanks again Nuttanee.

  7. This is a subject that has far too little light and elder abuse is definitely something that needs to be addressed at many levels of society, from the family level all the way up to the national governments and even international level. As the population of older people keeps growing, it will become worse if nothing is done.

    You have pointed out many instances of abuse, and it really tears me up just to read about this. How can people treat others like this, and the suggestions that you have included are all ones that I agree with. As a soon to be elder (I am almost 63) I can relate to their situation, and I want to help.

    Also, I want to thank you for bringing this problem public and you might want to add links to your work here in other places like Medium, Facebook, etc. That would help to get more eyes on this article and attention on the problem. 

    1. Thank you very much Dave and I am going to post it on my social media platforms.Appreciate your comments and feelings about this subject.

  8. Dear John,

    Your article certainly made me to think more on the subject and thanks a lot for the informative & insightful article.

    The statistics you shared is very helpful. Really felt bad reading about the abuse elders facing and the story of Hussein almost brought tears. 5 million elders are abused every year oh my GOD.

    Indeed, its our turn to show the love, gratitude and respect for our grandparents (Elders). To be honest, I have heard some stories which will bring tears. Elders struggle to get their food and they are not treated properly this happening everywhere  but as you mentioned no one is talking about it. Thanks for this post!

    You not only discussed the problem but you have provided with the solution as well, great advice. We need to take responsibilities and we need to be the change to change this.

    I Will Look after My Elders!


    1. Thanks you Paul for your expressions. I am an elder who is relatively healthy and ambulatory. I am presently in control of all my senses and live independently. But for  those who can’t; we have to do all we can to help out.This is one of the ways I am helping out.

  9. Hi! This is heartbreaking. But it also is a real issue that needs to be told.

    Respect toward elders says so much about us and our society. It’s a shame that this happens. And I’m alarmed with how many cases go unreported.

    When abuse comes from a family member, it hurts even more. And I can perfectly understand why so many cases aren’t reported.

    I had read about 89-year-ancient Hussein Younes. I think his family did the right thing.

    Thanks for addressing this matter. It has left me thinking.

  10. You have raised some very important issues in this article. Issues which bring shame on modern society. I have witnessed  the financial abuse you cited when a gold digging niece appeared on the scene when her elderly aunt who she had not known previously, was dying. This woman went to her hospital bed in the last days of her life and had all the property signed over to her.  The woman had previously intended for it to go to a man who had worked on her farm for over 30 years to be the main beneficiary. He got nothing. 

    Physical abuse in nursing homes has been raised in Australia and there is a Royal Commission taking place to get a picture of the extent of it and address it. 

    You are right  in saying we owe it to our elders to show them respect as they have spent a lifetime of giving for their families, surely they should be receiving the best care and respect as they reach their final years.

    Thank you for raising this very important topic which needs to be addressed everywhere. 

    1. Appreciate your feelings and comments Judy.No one should have to be a victim of this insidious crime.

  11. This is just sad. I always thought they had some sort of screening process for personnel who work in nursing homes. Even workers who provide private service or have some form of contact with elderly clients have the nerve to take advantage of them. IIRC Stan Lee had this problem a couple of years before he passed. No one is immune from it, but hopefully steps can be addressed to resolve this.

  12. Your post is very informative.  I was aware of elder abuse, but it never really touched me until I suspected my brother of abusing my mom.  We managed to get social services over there, but it was too late, she had already died.  It was ugly.  I hope your article calls attention to elder abuse, and hopefully something like that won’t happen to another family.  Rhonda

    1. Rhonda am very sorry for your loss.Your brother should not be able to live with himself for what he did to his own mother! Thanks for sharing your story.

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