I Am Young and Still I am Lonely


Can loneliness kill you? It might appear difficult to agree with that spending time away from people could reduce your life expectancy. Study, besides the fact that children, indicates that older adults who don’t spend satisfactory time with household and pals usually tend to feel sick, miserable, and blah. They’re much less more likely to do something about themselves. And they in fact die sooner than they would if they maintained healthier cordial lives.

Listed below are all the methods spending a lot of time by myself might raise your probabilities of death.

Loneliness increases your chances of becoming depressed

People who spend the majority of their time alone usually tend to experience symptoms of depression. Not accepting help can definitely boost your chance for different health problems, so if you’re feeling more down

” than normal , it’s ok — really helpful, is — to check with your medical professional about it.

1. Being alone apparently creates the injurious kind of stress.

It could lead to possibly high blood pressure. Middle aged and older adults who continue being lonely have an increased risk of getting high blood pressure.

This is only one of many signs that raises your chance of loss of life from a stroke or coronary heart attack principally if you’re over sixty-five.

2.This sickness shouldn’t have anything to do with Loneliness …

A multiplied possibility of setting up high blood pressure and different health problems is if you exercise a lot of time by yourself. Additionally, it makes you more likely to suffer a stroke. Loneliness itself won’t cause a massive stroke, but its effect on your behavior and culture could.

3. Your chance of this common and deadly disorder also goes up.

So do your probabilities of death from a lung ailment.

Loneliness over time tends to make individuals sicker, which is only one of the many reasons why individuals aged sixty-five and older have such excessive rates of persistent disorder. Lung disorder circumstances are normal among people, probably for a couple of reasons.

Subsequently : There’s an intent you might think fatigued afterwards spending too much time on my own.

4. Loneliness impacts the way you think physically

People who are living in isolation tend to have poorer fitness than those that have lively lives. You’re more prone to get physical symptoms of numerous minor and extreme health situations if you lack social help.

5. What happens to your mental health?

You could think worse emotionally, too loneliness doesn’t simply make you feel worse bodily: It tends to make you think worse emotionally. Poor physical fitness has been proven to increase coronary heart disorder possibility. The older you get, the more your possibility of loss of life from coronary heart disease increases.

6. Can how can the amount of time you spend by myself predict how long you got to live?

You could die sooner rather than later.

There are a handfuls of indicators you could predict how soon you’re going to die. How the more time you spend by yourself is just one of them. People who isolate themselves socially are likely to increase your life- illnesses and die younger.

Subsequently : loneliness additionally impacts your life.

7. You might get grumpy about your future

Loneliness makes you concerned more about your future — and that may have a negative effect to your standard, long-term fitness. Maintaining a good idea about aging can raise your risk for life-threatening illnesses like dementia.

Subsequently : once you have this health situation, you have it continuously.

8. It increases your dementia possibility

When you get dementia, you are assured to die from problems concerning it. Loneliness is one of many controllable factors that boost your chance of developing this deadly sickness. An active life can decrease your dementia risk.

9. Make a few new friends if you want to stay away from this category of lifestyles exchange.

10. You’re more prone to land in a nursing home

Seniors who do not have a mate to live with are more likely to grow to be in long-term care  equivalent to nursing homes. If this is something you’d like to prevent, enhance your health by having a more intimate relationship with someone who cares about you and you about them.

Subsequently : You’re no longer the just one who appears for a bite once they get abandoned.

Older adults who venture into genial relationships usually tend to engage in risky tradition behaviors that could lead to an early death. Weight-reduction plan is just one of these elements. Feeling lonely raises the chances you’ll consume more sweets, fast foods, and more, which raises your normal sickness risk.

You’re eating habits aren’t the only reason you’re willing to make for those who are by themselves .

11.You’re more likely to avoid

Actual exercise also seems on the listing of healthy behaviors you’re more likely to ignore if you’re lonely. Unfortunately, giving up pastime, in particular after in life, lowers warm abreast. You’re greater prone to arch to a gymnasium or exercising type to get your accomplish in, which places you in the equal room with other individuals.

Next: are you able to wager yet another wrong addiction people constantly do once they’re feeling abandoned?

13. You’re more likely to smoke

Even though you understand it’s not good for you, you have got a better chance of smoker cigarettes in case you exercise to an awful lot time by myself. The long-time period exhaust of cigarettes doesn’t just impact the health of your lungs. It also raises your chance of potentially fatal diseases, like strokes and coronary heart attacks.

Subsequently: here’s yet another habit lonely people tend to lean towards.

14. You ve got a more possibility of consuming a lot

Do you drink alcohol when you’re lonely? You’re not the only one. Even though an alcoholic beverage or two might be an everyday habit to your life, consuming any more than that can raise your possibility of contracting melanoma and other life-threatening illnesses.

Loneliness can be contagious

If you’ve been feeling lonely lately, and you tell your friends and family about it, your loneliness in reality raises theirs. Individuals with lonely friends report more stories of loneliness that they are accustomed to, which makes each of you more likely to die eventually.


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  1. Whao! This is actually something else and a childish behavior. Being alone does not give one freedom to smoke their yash out. It should rather be an opportunity to study yourself more and fix things in a polite way. There is nothing as sweet and interesting as being in your own world, restructuring your thoughts and the steps you will take next, rather than sitting in one corner smoking like a smoke jar. That’s my perspective though. I have learnt how to convert a worse situation into a lovely and productive ones. 

  2. Hello John – Unfortunately the things you mentioned in your post are true.  Loneliness can manifest into a host of physical and mental problems.  I lived alone myself for 37 years. But I on the other hand love it.  I’ve enjoyed the freedom.  One thing for me is there’s always something to do and now with two websites with WA there’s even more.  My problem is I don’t have enough time to do all I have to do.  That can be frustrating sometimes.  I think the main thing is for individuals to try finding something to do.  Something healthy of course!  We must keep busy.  If we set idle too long the mind wonders into problem territory.  So get busy and keep it movin!

  3. Your post presents a lot of different very interesting issues and it would probably take more than just this comment to address them fully. 

    Thus, my comment is primarily focused on the issue of loneliness and what causes “it” and not what “it” causes…

    Loneliness, I believe is in the mind and the spirit! 

    For example, you can be in a massive crowd of people and still feel lonely!

    You can have all the wealth in the world and still feel lonely!

    That’s why I believe that loneliness does not depend on any of these…

    Loneliness is not a respecter of persons or age.

    Anyone can experience it and everyone can be subject to it…

    Having said that, I believe that because loneliness exists in the mind, we have the power as humans to dispell that loneliness by speaking to our mind; controlling and directing our thoughts so that we don’t dwell on or think “loneliness.”

    This is why I also believe that loneliness is in large part a spiritual issue.

    Perhaps this is the reason why I find the Bible passage in Phillipians 4:8-9, particularly helpful and instructive. This Scripture confirms the idea that you have the ability to control your thoughts and thus your emotions.  Notice how it says,  “…think about such things”? 

    And I love how that Bible verse ends,  “And the God of peace will be with you.” Thus, telling you that you are not alone! And therefore no reason for feeling “lonely.”

    “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.  Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put it into practice.  And the God of peace will be with you.”  Phillipians4:8-9.



    1. I am so happy that you made those comments Christie. I can tell that you are a very spiritual person. The Bible is the manual that If read and meditated on, will solve all of our problems including loneliness. The Scripture you used is one of my favorites.

  4. While I am aware of the dangers of cigarettes (and am trying to talk my husband into finally quitting), I was not aware that loneliness can be such a dangerous thing. However after reading your article, and the videos that you showcased, I can see why. 

    I guess your point about loneliness and poor physical health made the most impact on me – because I do remember the times when I was depressed, that I had a very hard time being motivated to exercise, or even do more than the most basic self-care. 


    1. Thank you Claudia for your insightful comments. Yes the correlation between cigarette smoking and loneliness is very telling and surprising.

  5. This is a great post on loneliness. You have offered some interesting but valid points on the negative effects caused by loneliness. I did not know just by being lonely, you expose yourself to these ill effects. Agree that these has consequences to overall well-being and health. 

    Now that you raise the points, my question would be what can we do about it? 

    Some information on what actions we can take would be helpful. 

    You only mentioned smoking as one of the consequence. People smoke to escape from loneliness. 

    But smoking 15 cigarettes a day is very serious. However, I am not sure this subject is adequately covered in this post. We can agree that it is deadly and needs to be addressed.

    1. Thanks Stanley for your opinions and I am following up with more information about the subject in the future. My site has other articles that address loneliness also.

  6. Very insightful post. Base on my little research years ago, loneliness can be so damaging to our health, either mentally or physically. Being cut off from social interaction is not only a problem for the young but also the ederly people, and as you rightly said the impact it has on our bodies is thought to be equivalent to smoking over a dozen cigarettes a day. It’s also good to know that loneliness is different from being alone.

    1. Good observation that you made Jordan about loneliness and being alone. Loneliness is on going and is more mental. Alone is felt at sometimes by all of us and is more a temporary condition.

  7. Thank you for this informative post.

    I have to say, I can see where loneliness can play a role in your overall health.  I’ve seen it in my own family and in others in general.  Those without someone to share with, tend to fade sooner than others.

    I didn’t realize it can actually lead to smoking, just another way to cut your life short.  I can definitely see where it leads to mental health issues and assume that’s why so many homeless tend to talk to themselves.

    Does a pet lessen this tendency?  I ask because so many elderly and homeless have pets but are otherwise alone.  I was wondering if the loyalty a dog exhibits would help in such situations.  Then, of course, there’s the concern of the animal bot being cared for properly or outliving the owner and not being cared for upon passing, etc.

    Much of the above has been witnessed by me via my grandparents and father.  My father was an alcoholic, lonely and smoked non-stop.  My grandfather was pretty much the same way but went through an as-seen-on-tv ordering phase to fill his home with junk.

    When I take the time to look around, it’s almost an epidemic.  Short of people building friendships and whatnot, what other solutions are there for those that are in a lonely state now?  Senior activity centers, family “forcing” interaction with others?  I saw what it did to my family and would love to know how to prevent it for others.

    Thank you again,


    1. Thanks Scott for your comments and I will have more to say about this plague that we have that is increasing every day.

  8. What an interesting subject. It’s hard not to feel lonely these days. Everyone spends so much time on their devices, instead of connecting with real people in the here and now. I would really love to hear your thoughts on what we can do to be less lonely. You mentioned many of the factors of loneliness  and their negative effects, but you didn’t offer any insight on how we can battle these factors. Can’t wait to hear more.

  9. Thanks for this great review on loneliness. This has always been one of the best ways to run and be free from unnecessary questions and annoying things about life and a lot of people are known for taking bad habits such ad smoking excessively with them to forget this pain and while away time which isn’t healthy. This guidelines are really helpful and would go a Long way to save a lot of lives. Thanks for this helpful post…

  10. Hi John. What a fantastic website you have. In particular I loved this article about loneliness and smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Although, at this stage , I’m actually lonely myself I do understand the feeling of loneliness. My wife and I are quite happy and do a lot of thing together, but we are also at that age where something could happen to one of us at any moment, meaning that life could change for us any minute.

    I do however see a lot of loneliness in others. My work involves looking after peoples gardens and lawns and most of my clients are older people whose partners have passed away. I always spend extra time with them because they love to have someone to talk to and spend time with. With some its actually hard to leave, you can see in their eyes that they don’t want to be alone.One customer in particular is really struggling, he has a brilliant mind, is 94 years old but his body is struggling physically. .I believe he might be suffering from depression. I have tried to get him to join a local card club for seniors, but he won’t leave the house. His daughter wants to put him i a nursing home but he refuses to do it. What can you suggest I can do to help this fellow? Jim

    1. I would keep in touch with him Jim. It might be a sacrifice and your part but the feeling of reaching out to him would really mean the world to him. Why not invite him over for dinner or you and you wife could go to his house and cook a meal for him. I would see if you could include his daughter to let her know that it is about sharing and caring that will benefit her father; not some nursing home.

  11. I know being lonely can be very difficult for a person. This is when I tend to feel sad and somehow alone. I agree that chances of being depressed are high as this is the time I tend to reflect on mistakes I have done in the past and wallow in  regret and self pity.

    I am shocked that being lonely can also cause high blood pressure and stroke. How scary! I think it has been highlighted in the past that bad habits are more common with lonely people. Sad to know that sicknesses and death is also a possibility!

    Thank you for such an insightful article on the effects of loneliness. I see a lot of possible consequences and I hope never to find myself in a lonely situation.

    Great article!

  12. You have done a great job fine-tuning a niche. Your examination of loneliness on both physical and mental health is well presented. The topic is well prepared and should generate great traffic.

    Something happened when I visited the site, all the videos played at once. This created a cacophony of mixed voices and music, and my first thought was to simply exit the page.

    1. Thanks Dave I will see about getting that solved.I appreciate your taking the time to read my article and I apologize for what happened.

  13. I enjoy solitude, particularly early morning. I think solitude and loneliness are two separate things. They may be opposite sides of a coin. However, I agree that loneliness can lead to personal self-destructive habits and activities. Such destructive activities may be a reflection of feeling isolated or away from other people. I have heard that humans are socially oriented. So we need to have emotional contact or relationships with others to avoid being isolated.

  14. Wow, what you have written here has aptly described who I was in the past. I was a loner. I enjoyed it but never knew shat it was doing to me. For me, it started with intimidation and then I had inferiority complex. I didn’t smoke but I ate a lot and it started affecting my health. I was adding on weight and I was losing relationships with good people. It got worse and I fell terribly sick so I can agree with you that loneliness us contagious. I also became very depressed along the line. This is a very good post and I am going to share it with all the seniors on my list.

    1. I appreciate you sharing your personal story about your loneliness. Thanks for reading my article Henderson.

  15. This is a really amazing post I must  say. Many people in our world today especially amongst young people are involved in this act of smoking which is born of the condition that they are bored/lonely. I would urge that series of programs be carried on to make them know the dangers of these things, through media stations and social media. Thanks for putting up such useful post. 

  16. Thank you for this interesting and also sobering article about loneliness. Both smoking and loneliness are deadly, and they are even more deadly in combination. What’s interesting, everybody knows how unhealthy is smoking, because there’s a lot of info about it, but there’s not much info about how unhealthy is loneliness. Thanks to your article, more people will know about it. 

  17. This a great post, loneliness can be harmful especially because of what it leads to like excessive worry. Also it seems lonely seniors may also lead sedentary life styles which leads to the attendant health challenges. It’s also an irony that lonely people connect to moan about being lonely, when they could come together and stop being lonely! Well written

  18. This is  really a helpful and educating article. I agree with you that there is a strong link between loneliness and depression.Loneliness can lead to depression.
    I have a friend of mine who used to live with his wife but later started living alone because of family disputes.This person suffered from severe depression. This article will really help people avoid things that can cause depression. All the best.


  19. I really like your post and videos and agree with you when you say we can transform those moments of loneliness is powerful moment to reflex and recharge energy.

    I have also been there in both situation and I have learned that we can always take advantages of those situations. You may feel bad at the moment but in reality can be a good opportunity to create or become something better.

  20. This a great post, loneliness can be harmful especially because of what it leads to like excessive worry. Also it seems lonely seniors may also lead sedentary life styles which leads to the attendant health challenges. Well written

  21. Loneliness is the most innocent and the most ignored cause of death in the world. Being kept away from people or intentionally being away from people would invariably lead to loneliness and then would reduce life expectancy as one would find solace in deadly substance consumption. Smoking 15cigarette a day is surely a sire invitation to quick death. Thanks for explaining this much about loneliness and how the stages boomerang. Thanks

  22. I’ve come to understand that loneliness is a universal human emotion that is both complex and unique to each individual. Because it has no single common cause, the prevention and treatment of this potentially damaging state of mind can vary dramatically. I’ve got to understand alot from this post, I feel this way most times and I guess talking to someone or my psychologist for help. Thanks 

  23. Loneliness of each individual has different complexities and has its own uniqueness. Talking about this certain type of loneliness makes want to plan for the future. We have to accept the fact that as we become older, certain things might happen and it will be unavoidable. It is up to us if we succumb to loneliness or do something to fight it. 

    This feeling actually is a state of mind. If it happens (being lonely at an old age) I don’t want to fall to bad vices that could deteriorate my health, cloud my judgment and lead me to depression. Since loneliness is not necessarily being alone but feeling alone, I would gladly fight it by committing myself into a more interpersonal way. Thank you for covering this topic. It gave me better perspective about life and loneliness. 

  24. Reading this has put a lot of fear in me. It’s as if I should just go out and start making new friends immediately. I had no idea been lonely had so much negative effects on the body that it is so scary thinking about it. I need to make some changes to my life because I really want to live a long and healthy life and experience the great and nice things of this world.

  25. Hello John, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Loneliness is truly a serious disease and not so many people are aware of it. I suffered from it 4 years ago and I solved the problem with exercise, I paid for a gym and I can’t describe how it changed my life to better. Thank you for sharing such useful tips, this will help many folks who have the same problem.

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