Why do most people fear failure

Success and Failure
Failure is Not The End

Why do most people fear failure

What if your boss said that he should provide himself and his employees permission to be human. Would you look at him skeptically. It sounds so far from the conversations we now have about operational efficiencies, priorities and performance that it might probably sound different and even hokey.

But in fact, giving permission to be human is a reference to the fact that as humans, we all accept a set of natural strengths and natural weaknesses, and once we focus on establishing and leveraging our strengths, we grow. If we focus on and win over our weaknesses and previous screw ups, we become our biggest obstacle to realizing our many skills.

Failure is not deadly

It’s human nature to accept weaknesses and to experience failure. That’s why we try to acquire techniques and procedures that cut the possibility for foolishness – for baby things like spelling errors on a website or greater issues like piloting a commercial jet.

However, our egos don’t like failure. We are looking to be first at everything. So what’s the issue with a weak spot or failure ? No Olympic athlete, successful CEO, or architect has gotten to where they or thinking, “at the least I didn’t have a delusion.” successful people have screwed up a lot – dozens, a lot, thousands of instances before they accomplished their abounding potential.

So why do we look at fear so negatively

What I are looking to drive home is that failure offers you freedom – the liberty to experiment, to learn and to be successful. And if you happen to embrace failure as a device for growth, you’ll actualize dispatch and drive personally and professionally.

A new circuit on strengths and weaknesses

Individuals who view their disasters as vital constructing blocks to future boom are what I call accelerators. They settle for their goofy part of life, researching, boom and an integral step to acquiring insights that allows you to most effective and enhanced. They don’t beat themselves up.

People who are petrified of getting out of their comfort zone are typically focused on the knowledge of failure and on their bad ideas and insecurities. When you’re in most cases taking a look at yourself through this terrible lens, listening to each negative voice on your arch, you gained’t see what’s vital to your success: your natural strengths.

Permission to be animal potential we know that all of us have a set of herbal strengths and natural weaknesses. And the secret to attaining sustainable increase is to center of attention on constructing and totally leveraging your herbal strengths. This is what creates meaningful acceleration and sustainable success, for my part and corporately.


I find that many people strategy accepting both strengths and weaknesses the unhealthy way. They determine their natural weaknesses after which work actual challenging to bolster them. Although it may well be important to bank up some key areas of weak spot, if deepening your set of natural weaknesses becomes your basic center of attention, then on the conclusion of your existence you’re activity to have a more robust set of natural born weaknesses, while having ignored the chance to know your full skills. Against, in case you spent that equal amount of time completely setting up and then leveraging your herbal strengths, you may have created true success.







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