Loneliness Is Epidemic What Is Been Done About It?

Loneliness Has No Age Limits or Gender !

Loneliness Is Epidemic What Is Been Done About It?

Have you ever been feeling abandoned recently? The newest Cigna study found an alarming raise in loneliness in Americans. Pretty much half of these surveyed said feeling alone forty-six or disregarded 47 % felt that no one knows them, and 18 % felt remoted and not having a significant relationship. That affects as much as tens of millions of abandoned American citizens.

Research has discovered that loneliness is a hazard to our intellectual and physical fitness. Loneliness is associated with a couple of fitness risks including a weakened immune system, extended inflammation, excessive blood pressure, negative sleep, eating issues, obesity, and melancholy.

The Cigna study found that young Americans between 18 and 22 are the loneliest demographic group


New analysis on young people  using analyst Jean Twenge and colleagues trace to a couple explanations of why. Children in the study spent drastically much less in-person time with pals than older family members —much less time adorning, relationship building , going to the mall, the movies, or events, or riding in vehicles for fun. Kids’ emotions of loneliness improved acutely afterwards at the equal time that digital media time elevated and the loneliest teens in the study  spent the most time on social media Twenge, et al., .

A technique to reverse this depraved situation is to carefully join with the individuals around you in what psychologist Barbara Fredrickson calls “micro-moments” of connectivity. You could make these access no longer just  with close friends and members of the family,but the grocery store clerk or any person you come across in daily life. An easy smile, eye contact, your presence, that’s all it takes. These access helps each person —to give is to receive–enhancing our fitness, raising our mood, relieving stress, and cutting back irritation to advertise improved physical and emotional well-being.

Fredrickson says that “experiences of genuine frendly networks shows that, over time, happiness spreads by complete communities” in a positive ripple effect.

What about attempting Fredrickson’s simple technique, developing three micro-moments of connectivity nowadays? which you could do that with:

1. Friends and household


3. Co workers

4. The clerk in the grocery store.

Then notice how you think and what a change it makes on your life.

The dangerous impact of loneliness on your fitness And what can do about It

Loneliness kills

It poses a better danger to health than weight problems, and its life-abridgement results are similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. In addition, it is rampant in this day’s workplace.

These are one of the vital abstracts accomplished through Vivek H. Murthy, above Surgeon conventional of the U.S. As a result of the time we consume at assignment, he says, it’s incumbent on business  leaders to be proactive in tackling the difficulty of loneliness.

Business leaders have a professional and private interest in demography that concern loneliness.As Murthy and others point out, loneliness impairs efficiency, adroitness, and decision  making. Moreover,  loneliness is customary all over the team of workers, these at the moment are infrequently immune—half of CEOs felt lonely in their roles.

As we close out intellectual health focus ages, let us examine why so many are feeling remoted, and the way ahead-searching companies can foster a superior sense of affiliation.
Loneliness has bright prospects for intellectual health, tense nervousness, depression, and stress-connected indicators. Additionally, it sabotages our actual fitness.

In keeping with two leading researchers, loneliness triggers an anarchic acknowledgment and threatens our immune system. These adjustments also can be detected on the cellular level. As one of the advisers said, “The stage of toxicity from loneliness is remarkable.”

Because loneliness is closely related to emotions of isolation, it is tempting to see it as an individual phenomenon. Despite the fact, analysis indicates that loneliness units in movement an aching cycle that influences an entire corporation. Lonely employees consider and act much less attainable, abrasive have confidence, group concord, and collaboration with others. These ripple consequences accomplish loneliness an organizational issue, and addressing it an organizational accountability.

Now not best is affiliation the most advantageous antitoxin to bareness and abreast, however will additionally pay dividends in the sort of stronger employee health and productiveness.

Remaining months, Cigna released a massive look at of loneliness in the us. They assured that enterprise leaders could contribute greatly to a solution by making a “subculture of connectivity.” coaching and mentoring can create alternatives to build relationships and help networks. Cross-purposeful accord nudges individuals out of silos and fosters a superior experience of aggregate goal and adroitness.

One aspect loneliness researchers agree on, and something I stress to my purchasers, is that it is the high-quality and not the volume of relationships that matters. Gallup finds that employees who have a single close friend at work are seven instances greater prone to be affianced.

Cultivate meaningful access at assignment and invest in these relationships as you possibly can family or close friends. Accomplish accessory to your other relationships a priority as smartly—individuals with powerful neighbourly relationships are more likely to living longer.

The value of recreation and recharging

Mental health the us suggests a variety of alternate options for combating loneliness. Outside activities and experiencing attributes assist emotional well-being and reduce melancholy and anxiousness. Taking classes of activity refreshes our minds and helps us make new connections.

The countrywide Institutes of fitness reminds us of the price of volunteering. Helping others is likely one of the most appropriate the way to spoil the cycle of loneliness. It additionally encourages us to practice gratitude, a dependency strongly affiliated to beatitude and well-being. Enterprise leaders can create voluntary alternatives at work  to build teamwork and business morale.

Americans have a nasty addiction of no longer taking expertise of their tons-essential holiday time. Holidays are an essential method to reconnect with household and spouse and children, especially considering that many households are opened up geographically within the U.S. A subculture that makes personnel believe responsible for using vacation time is counterproductive in the long run.

Deal with your personnel holistically

shimmering business leaders see employees as total human beings and deal with them for this reason. The Cigna study stresses the value of bendy assignment preparations that allow personnel to deal with any personal challenges they face. Such flexibility comprises offering generous maternity and paternal go away, in addition to babysitter go away. Caretakers are specially susceptible to activity isolated.

Growing an inclusive authoritative subculture is one more method to fight loneliness. Authentic range goes past hiring and extends to acknowledging and embracing transformations. Conversations about change and the value distinctive backgrounds deliver to an organization are an opportunity to be taught and attach.

A subculture of belonging and affiliation begins on the right. Based on Gallup, best of ten U.S. personnel suppose their supervisor ethics them as someone. Enterprise leaders ought to model a management style that s genuine and ethics the entire grownup.

Of path, enterprise leaders must take care of themselves as smartly. You cannot foster intellectual health to your corporation in case you don t are inclined to your personal. it could actually indeed be lonely at the properly. Allow yourself to angular on a teach or mentor. The fight towards loneliness begins with you.

We live in a world that encourages distraction and break. Cultivating mindful presence and advised affiliation takes effort and application . Yet making a habit of accomplishing so will pay off ultimately. Leaders who instill belief and belonging will find  themselves with a more healthy corporation, and happier and more successful  in my opinion.

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  1. Thanks for that very interesting article. I totally agree with what you are saying here. We live in an age where we are more connected to others through social media, but loneliness and depression figures are going through the roof. You can have thousands of friends online, but they are not true friends. We need to get back to forming relationships with people in the real world, and make the effort to maintain friendships. You have some great posts on your site, keep up the good work.

  2. A sad but true article but it was interesting to read that micro moments make such a difference. Next time I go out I will make a point of being more friendly to those around me regardless of whether I know them or not. 

    I think technology also has a huge impact on this dilemma.  People are so busy what’s aping that hey have forgotten how to connect with each other. Loneliness could become the next big mental illness issue we face in the world.

  3. Those are very alarming statistics. If close to half the people interviewed feel lonely, then that means almost half the population is at risk of developing problems associated with loneliness.I think parents and guardians of today focus all their time in things like work which exhausts them as well. They do not have time to play with their children or even go out for simple walk in the park. Of course, the introduction of social media and associated devices does not help the situation. I really love the micro-moments idea. This is the least any person can do every other day. Thank you for this insightful and informative article.

    1. Thank you Carol for your expressions.Social media has taken the intimacy out of relationship building. It is like a parent giving the responsibility of raising their children in the hands of a complete stranger.

  4. 15 cigarettes per day can do a lot of damage to any individual indeed. Loneliness plays in the kind of a person and is not always about having to be in the midst of a lot of people. I have been there and I felt lonely amidst a group of friends. I believe it starts from feeling not good enough for the people around you and then you ate drawn to yourself, this could he a reason for it. Also, some other people find comfort in being alone and when they stay alone for long, they lose friends with time, if eventually they change their mind, they don’t have much friends and then loneliness sets in. I feel first we should have a positive mindset of being good enough, and then avoid wanting to stay away from the rest. Best regards.

  5. For really i didn’t know that loneliness affects our physical fitness because i thought that it helps one to refresh his or her mind but with this information i have come to learn the side effects of loneliness and i didn’t know that it kills in the way that calls a person to resort to some actives which are dangerous to his or life for example smoking 

  6. Loneliness is hazardous to our life and general safety. In truth, the findings you have shared are really scary to read on as most people who are lonely sometimes do not know about the dangers they are getting into and as such, he suicide rate in the world is just increasing drastically almost every time. To me, this is great and surely worth every bit of my reading and also, I will make sure to share out to everybody I know of through social media to sensitize and enlighten more people on the need to pay more attention to their mental and physical health.

  7. Hi there 
    What an awesome webpage you have designed! It was neat and nicely outlined. I was very much attracted to the main page as it really relates to Myself 

    Thank you very much for the hard work you have done to share to others and I wish you the very best 

  8. Loneliness is truly an epidemic especially among seniors and it usually lead to most deaths of the seniors since they feel that they are left alone to do most things unlike the life they are living before. This that you have written is more in the aspect of serving as a wake up call to us all to find a way of establishing communication and rapport among elderly ones so that they will not have the feeling of isolation but rather have the spirit to feel more at piece with people and thereby, making life much interesting and worthy to live to them.

  9. I am not sure if loneliness is at epidemic levels. However, I agree loneliness is a big challenge in society today especially for the elderly. Each of us will react to loneliness differently. Some of us will isolate, others indulge in smoking and binge eating etc. These are all reactions to “cover” loneliness. I believe we need a strong support system and community to overcome loneliness. It is also good for us to be aware recognize our family and friends struggling from loneliness.

    1. I agree with your comments Stanley and more young ones are being overlooked.We also need to remember that loneliness kind of seeks  up on you without your realizing it.

  10. I think this is really an important topic. My mother is a single mom and I being the only child am away almost all the year except a few times I go see her maybe for just about a week, 3 or 4 times a year, my greatest worry has been that she is lonely, like the loneliest person I know. I too am one person that has adopted that, I’ve started working hard so much that I’ve become lonely as well because no one shares my dreams and I hardly have the time to be with anyone and I always say my social life is almost dead completely. I think I should start working on improving all this for the better. Thank you

    1. Thanks Donny for sharing your personal story.We all need to be aware of how devastating loneliness is! Please try to see your mother more if that is possible.Thanks for reading my article.

  11. I often wonder if the electronic age is part of the problem. I see my son and daughter spending so much time on video games, movies, etc. which keeps them from interacting with other people as much. People will say that they are playing online with their friends but this is not the same as interacting with someone who is right there in front of you. You cant make eye contact, read their physical responses and sometimes they may make a joke that you have a hard time interpreting as a joke if you can’t see their mannerisms.

    My daughter has recently gone to college in Colorado and is now on a search and rescue team in Gunnision. She is having the time of her life and she is interacting with people every day and volunteering her time to work to help people who are in serious trouble.

    All I can say, is people seem to be happier when they engage with their community, wherever they are, and begin making real friendships, and it doesn’t hurt if that starts by giving of yourself and helping others.

    It’s harder to be lonely when you are working with a team to make other people’s lives better.

    1. Thanks Rick for your comments and concerns.You mention social media.That is what has created a lot of inter personal relationship.It is as if we are re speaking to robots.How can you relate to people you rarely see and might not ever see in person.Many hide their identity behind the cloak of the internet.Face to face relationship building can not be overstated. Even Jesus came here on earth to tell us about how he wants us to live. I am sure he could have done that from heaven.

  12. I see it all the time. Loneliness can be a hard thing to overcome. I have several older friends who have lost their loved ones and and are on their own. I have mentioned to them several times recreation is a great way to meet people and keep busy. If you are busy you don’t have time to think about being lonely. You are meeting new people and doing new things so this is in my opinion is a great way to cure loneliness. With the power of the Internet as well and all the online dating sites there is tons of ways to meet people. You might not be looking for a date but there is many ways to meet new people and maybe join a club. It just takes a little time and effort and taking the first step. I have mention this to some of my friends and they have taken me up on it. They have met a few friends and continue to chat with them.

  13. Hi,

    I have found this article an amazing eye opener on the age 18 – 22 that has been found to have the loneliness demograph!
    I am into my 60’s, but can still remember being in the age group and having the time of my life, its unbelievable they way the world is evolving.
    As I expected that people would become lonelier as they aged, not when you are so young, unfortunately I was unable to play the video links you have included as they dont play in Australia, it will be interesting to do a comparison across counties to see if it is the same across the age groups, and then that opens up the next question why is this so as the at that age the world should be your oyster and you should be having the time of your lives before settling down as you mature. 
    Overall I found this very sad to think that is what is happening,  will be following you going forward to hopefully see improvements over time.

    Thank you for opening my eyes.

    1. Thank you Jan for your comments.I am in my seventies and when I was a young person I never had all of the gadgets that are bombarded on the youth of today.That has taken out the personal touch we had when we were young.

  14. This is some deep stuff but it makes complete sense. Social Media definitely has a strong part in loneliness. It gives us a feeling of being together but very apart at the same time. It’s sad to see that 47% of Americans feel alone even though there are people all around them that love them and are there for them. It’s alarming to say the least especially because it poses a threat for other illness problems. Thanks for bringing this subject to light, I’m sharing it right now.

  15. Thank you for your post. It is educational and informative. It is surprising to me that there are closing to half of the American population who feel loneliness. This affects hundred of millions of our American citizens.

    As you mentioned, loneliness is associated with many illness, such as immune system, blood pressure, sleeping, and weight gain etc. We have to do something to prevent this from developing further.

    It is apparent that loneliness reaches epidemic level. Every one of us has responsibilities to reverse this epidemic. First of all, we need to have attention to this issue and find the root cause of loneliness. From here, we could take appropriate procedure to correct the problem.

    It is kind of you raising this serious issue. I wish we all could work together to make our society a warm and loving place to enjoy.

    1. I agree needs to be done about this insidious condition Thank you very much for reading and responding Anthony.

  16. It’s really true that loneliness is skyrocketing in the percentage of its effect on people and overtime, the feeling of being alone, feeling rejected without having anyone who cares about you can be so much hazardous to human health and even to our society at large, this is visible in this article that loneliness Is very dangerous to our physical and intellectual fitness. Thanks for suggesting that amazing way of combating loneliness, it’ll really  be of great help to me and others too. You’ve done a great job here, thanks.

  17. Wow, the statistics are really worrying here. Who would’ve thought that there is so much to show that there is loneliness in the world today? I have a couple of friends though that i know that they love being alone. I know that someday, all this will finally be curbed but we can start by reaching out to our loved ones and telling them about how much we care. Nice article here.

  18. With the world we now live in been lonely is becoming more of a thing these days. The invention of phones and the internet has made a lot of people to disconnect from actual conversations with individuals. It was not this way before because I know just about how much time I have spent on the internet indoors. 

    Growing up without these devices made most of us to actually crave connecting with individuals physically and not over the internet. 

    I seriously blame the internet for this as it has contributed to a lot to the loneliness of a lot of people.

  19. Wow, this was a very good read on this topic of loneliness. I didn’t know that it is a very wide thing like this. I didn’t know that there are surveys that really testify that loneliness is very rampant with figures too. I guess the world we are in today is not as bubbly as we think it is and there is some pain to it. We all really need one another and we need to reach out as well. Nice post!

  20. Thank you for this great post!

    Let’s face it, we’re social animals.  I don’t care what the most anti-social person says, we need to be around others and interact to survive.

    I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not a people person.  Regardless of what you hear coming out of my mouth, the look on my face will tell you exactly what I think.  That said, although I prefer to be alone, I can only do so for so long.

    There’s a lot here and recharging/interacting makes a huge difference.

    Thank you again,


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