9.5 ph water side effects

    9.5 ph water side effects After decades of neglect, water looks able to emerge as a  health benefit. Beginning with bottled waters derived from glaciers in Europe recently, stronger water.Water has moved closer to the first-class cabin. But the newest version is a true head scratcher: ionized alkaline water. Kangen and many others…

super highway information seniors

super highway information-seniors The ultimate way to make uninitiated learn or exhaust technology is to demystify and decode it. And that’s what expertise enormous Google has completed in its ‘returned to faculty’ programm for senior residents through entertaining analogies from popular lifestyles. Pattern some: Information superhighway is like a top quality kitchen knife. Everybody is comfortable…

My Story

#about me profileMY STORY:

My name is John and I am 70 years old. I spent most of my life working for people who did not appreciate me. I only have myself to blame. I graduated from high school and had been in sales for most of my adult life. The jobs that I worked were not what I wanted, so I won’t to bore you with the detail I.I am a basketball and baseball fan. My favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers and my baseball team The Atlanta Braves. I have 2 adult children a girl and boy ages 51 and 47 respectively. I was born in Ga. but lived in Los Angeles Ca. most of my adult life. Something that I have always wanted was to be financially free. I needed a vehicle that would take me to my dreams and a finally have that vehicle. It is Wealthy Affiliates.